Fully Customized

Get the tools you really need. Each application is made to your exact requirements. Don't pay for features you don't need.

Actionable Reporting

We build reports that suit your business and your requirements. See your data in a way that makes sense to you.

Accessible from anywhere

Enjoy the power of the cloud. Access and update your information from your office, home or client site.

Full Support

Rapid, friendly and knowledgeable support keeps you running and informed. Easily add new functionality to your application as your business grows.

Every Application is Unique
built to suit your business

Upload Photographs

Your application can use the latest in mobile technology to let you upload photos from your phone.

Scheduled Reporting

Arrange to have your application automatically email you the latest data every day, every week, or whenever you want.


Custom Charting

You decide what metrics to measure. We build you the graphs and charts that mean the most to you.

Custom Database

Because every business is unique, we design the database to captures the data that matters to you.

Our Team

We are passionate about making a product that fits you and your business.

Michelle Brown

Daniel Mitchell

Michael Taylor

Our workflow

This is how we design the application that compliments your business.


You describe your requirements and what you want to accomplish with your new application. We learn about your business and your challenges in managing employees, clients, jobs, etc.

Day #1


Based on our understanding of your requirements, we design your application. Our extensive experience gives us the foresight to include features and designs you may not have considered.

Day #2


From our designs, we build a Demo Application. The application looks complete and provides a clear indication of how the application will function, but lacks the programming and data storage that makes the application work.
We review the demo application with you to ensure we have considered all of your needs.

Day #3

Design, again

We may repeat this process of design and demonstration until the application matches exactly with your requirements.

Day #4


Once you have agreed to the design of the application, we start the coding.

Day #5


When the application is complete, we make the application available. You get precisely the functionality and design you wanted.

Day #6


But we are not done yet! We continue to provide support and training as required, and are always on hand to add new functionality as your business grows.

Day #7

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